Home Counties Cocker Club
Founded in 1948.

Please Note: The club does not have any connection with Working Cocker Spaniels therefore if you are interested in that breed please visit the Kennel Club site for details and breeders.

We welcome you to the Home Counties Cocker Club

As a club we offer help and advice whenever we can on all aspects of owning or showing a Cocker Spaniel, one of the most popular breeds to have as a family dog. We advise that if you are looking for a puppy you only approach reputable breeders known within the breed and do not be tempted by the countless outlets on the internet. Members of Breed clubs and those associated with showing have a wealth of knowledge and information that can help you, please contact one of these if you can.
There is a Code Of Ethics for breeders and a Breed Health Coordinator, all information to do with health can be found on the Cocker Spaniel Breed Council web site, this is to help you and anything discussed is strictly in confidence.

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Dogs in hot cars

Please be aware that dogs die in hot cars!!
Even on a warm day the inside of your car can become deadly to your dog, especially older dogs and puppies, leaving a window open does not help!
..Your dog would be far happier and safer left at home..

The photos below show you a selection of the lovely colours available.