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Welcome to the Gallery page. The idea of this page is for photographs of cockers at work or play and not for show poses!

Please send the photo to David Worgan so that I can add it to the gallery, can you also supply a suitable description that you would like posted with the photo.

Pearkim Pickmeup [Gina] (dob 21/8/02), carrying a hen pheasant and a cock pheasant that was a `runner`.
Taken on the last day of the shooting season in January 2012 - Gina loves retrieving her game trophies!

Bertie (Razamajazz) owned by Mr John Irwin (Brightgrass) who is know by many of the
older Cocker spaniel breeders. John judged Cockers at Southern Counties June 2009.
Bertie gained 2nd place at Crufts in AV Spaniel Gamekeepers Class


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Where: Home/Gallery